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Sunday outings are aimed at all members to get out and meet up and enjoy an outing together, particularly for those who can't make it to other club events.

A handful of members attended the Edwards Point walk Sunday outing. Although small in number, an excellent time was had and all enjoyed the walk through this amazing reserve which is rich in vital flora and has an abundance of bird life that frequents the area.

There are 2 walks you can do in this reserve. The longer 2 Bay walk which takes about 3 hours to complete, or the shorter, but equally interesting Coastal walk that takes you through a rich variety of vegetation types and wetlands, complete with boardwalk.

A beautiful spot, Edwards Point is also a place for the Orange bellied parrots to visit with good healthy amounts of their important food source growing (Beaded Glasswort) throughout this reserve. Other birds that visit the area include Pelicans, Pacific Gull, Pied Oystercatcher, Red-browed finch, Superb fairy-wren, Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater, Red-capped Plover, and White faced heron.

Plant species seen throughout the reserve are Beaded Glasswort, Small-leaf Clematis, Coast flax-lily, Coast Beard heath, Running postman and Seaberry Saltbush. It is also a place where, at the right time of year, you can see specimens of Ghost fungi (glow in the dark).

After the walk a great lunch, a cuppa and chat was enjoyed at Portarlington and here are some photographs from the day.


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