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The club competition, held on 7th December for Open Prints, Open EDI's and AR EDI’s, was adjudicated by guest judge Gary Smith. Gary is an APJA qualified judge and a member of Warrigal Camera Club with an interest in Landscape, Macro, Monochrome, Night, Nature, Abstract & Creative photography.


​During the judging a few common themes came out in respect to sharpening, noise and luminosity. Selective sharpening as well as reducing noise in post-production was suggested as well as using dodging & burning to give depth to images.


Gary also remarked about the use of Harmonic Armature as a compositional method based on mathematic or geometrical principles. Also dynamic symmetry composition, was also suggested, which arranges elements within the frame on a grid based system that dissects the image frame using horizontal, vertical and diagonals lines. These techniques have been used by painters and sculptors alike to guide the structure of their compositions.


Congratulations to all the winning entries on the night which comprised of a considerable number of excellent images as usual. The winning images can be viewed on the websites Gallery page.

GCC MEMBERS CLUB NIGHT 30/11/22 – Wine & Cheese Social Night

​A good turn-out for a social get together over drinks and nibbles at the club. Each member who arrived brought a photo of their younger self for a fun competition to guess who the member in the photo was. A wonderful idea by Sue Wilson which generated a lot of buzz in the room as a great deal of discussion took place between members about each photo and who it might be.

I reckoned it was a little harder to identify the male members as some have less hair today than they did way back when, however, Steve Davies didn’t seem to have too much difficulty as he identified the most members and settled on a box of “choccies” for his efforts. Thanks Sue for the suggestion for the evening and congratulations Steve for your insightful facial recognition ability.

The reward, such as it was, for the most bizarre photo which left everyone dumbfounded and bemused goes to Mick Kupresanin for his photo of his daughters ultrasound scan. Mick always seems to bring his sense of humour no matter what the circumstances or occasion.

GCC MEMBERS CLUB NIGHT 23/11/22 – Guest Speaker Aaron Stanley

​The evening was devoted to our guest speaker Aaron Stanley who spoke of his experiences in Antarctica. Post a 12 hour scenic flight from Melbourne, Aaron participated in a 12 day cruise and then followed up spending 13 months living and working at Davis Station with the Bureau of Meteorology between Jan 2016 – Mar 2017 as a field technician / weather observer.

Aaron described the different ways to see Antarctica; Antarctica facts and its inhabitants; photographing in cold conditions; camera settings and gear and his experiences living and working in the Antarctica along with interesting tales including activities/events behind the scenes.

Aaron exhibited his images of the terrain, the wildlife, weather conditions and the quintessential Auroras. He also showcased a number of framed images which were placed on display around the room. The evening closed out with a Q&A session after a video of a few time-lapse displays of the Auroras Australis.


The evening commenced with a presentation and the back story from Chris Reichl on her recently awarded image “Forsythia” and David Rendle on his awarded image “Storm Clearing, Buckety Plain”.


Chris spoke of her set-up and lighting and some small discussion took place on some technical aspects in relation to the image such as focus point and high-key process.

​David spoke of his B&W darkroom method in producing his final printed image. A sleeve with the negative and a copy of his darkroom settings were handed around for members to view whilst David explained it took a few attempts to get the dodging & burning timings to his satisfaction.


This was followed by the AV presentation of images taken by club members and guests that attended the Port Campbell camp in October. Photographers present on the night provided some of their insights, techniques and some locations about their images.


The evening closed with David Rendle who provided some more insights into the makers and subject

matter of the last images from the club archives that now are hanging on a wall in the club room. More work is underway to add to the displayed collection.



The evening kicked-off with a presentation and the back story from Robert Long on his recently awarded image Library Light and Bob Medwell on his awarded image Tessellate Pavement.

This was followed by the introduction by Brien Cohn and video presentations, driven by Gloria Van Der Meer, on the recent VIGEX 2022 Print Salon. We viewed the acceptances and award winning images from the all of the various categories. Many of these accomplishments were achieved by members of the Geelong Camera Club.

Also shown were images taken of the various helpers and judges during the weekend of setting up and conducting the judging as well as images taken at the opening of the VIGEX Exhibition held at the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre.

An interactive Q&A session followed the presentation.


The club competition, held on 2nd November for Open Prints, Open EDI's and Set Subject EDI's (Pets), was adjudicated by guest judge Ian Kemp who is a fine art and commercial photographer from Ballarat.


Ian began his professional photography career in 2018. He was a finalist in Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers in 2018. Since then he has received a number of other national awards including being a finalist in the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Open Program Awards in 2019.

Congratulations to all the winning entries on the night which comprised of a considerable number of excellent images as usual. The winning images can be viewed on the websites Gallery page.

After the judging, Ian talked about his new work in Photogravure which is a hand printed photo-mechanical print created from an etched printing plate and is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, costly process. Ian showed to members an etched copper plate and the resultant print. Ian also presented some of his fine art "Flowers of Spring" portfolio and mentioned about other events he has on the horizon.


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