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Members Library

Instructional, special interest & general photographic books and magazines are available for borrowing,

in addition to special editions by prominent photographers.
Limit 3 books for 2 weeks.  Register to be completed. Honour system applies. 



A newsletter is published each month in PDF format and can be downloaded via the club newsletter page. The newsletter is also sent by email to all members.


The main hall of the club room may also be used as a studio.  We have our own lighting equipment and three backdrops - white, black and green-screen.

Hire of hall, using own lighting - $10.
Hire of hall with club lighting    - $30 with a $50 bond.

**(Club lighting is not available unless user has been instructed in use of lights and equipment.  It is not available to non-club members.) 
Backdrops MUST be cleaned after use.
Hall hire available only to members of 3 months standing or greater and must be booked through the club treasurer on club nights. 

Matt Cutter

A Matt Cutter is available for members' use.  Members must supply own matt board, matting tape and backing material.  Please use heavy cardboard under your matt board when cutting to avoid damage to tables.

Member Discounts

Discounts are available to you as a Club member upon presentation of your current Membership Card. A full list of sponsors and relevant discounts can be found on the notice board at the Club rooms. 


Selling Your Images

If you have been approached by someone wanting to buy your images and are not sure what to charge, have a look at this website  You can also download a 'Licence to Use' document from the Docs and Downloads section above.


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