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All prints must be matted for their protection using matt board available from most art suppliers and have a thin card backing.  This can be something as simple as a cornflakes box.


The total thickness of a matted print should be no more than 5mm. This includes the backing and mount board. The use of 5mm foam core is not permitted.

Do not use masking tape - this may damage other prints.  Use only the correct matting tape - Kraft Tape. Both are available from Cavalier Art Supplies.

Prints may also be mounted directly on to adhesive backing board but the maximum size of 16 x 20 inches (40 x 50cm) still applies.

If you are not sure how to proceed with presenting your prints just ask one of our club members who will happily help you out.

Maximum print size is 16 x 20 inches (40 x 50cm).

Maximum matt size is 16 x 20 inches (40 x 50cm).

Minimum print size is 4 x 6 inches (15 x 10cm).

Minimum matt size is 8 x 10 inches (25 x 20cm).

All prints must be labelled on the back in the manner required by the Competition Secretary, including the title of the image, the section and the member’s competition number for purposes of recording and identification. Do not include your name or competition grading!


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